Monthly Archives: November 2011

I’m currently sitting in the pre-boarding area of Dallas Lovefield’s illustrious Gate 7 devoid of companionship or free internet access. Though I envy the middle-aged businesswoman on my right who is clearly enraptured with Solitaire for iPad, I decided to take a crack at drafting a debut entry for this blog.  I’ve received some flattering compliments from peers and colleagues regarding my writing skills accompanied by numerous suggestions about starting a blog to showcase my supposed talents. But sadly, in spite of their encouraging words, such a portal has never come into fruition.

But don’t be mistaken, readers. I love blogs – everything about them. I spend hours a day perusing a variety of sites for both work and play. I’ve also contributed to a handful of them (both personal and professional) for almost 10 years. However, none of the personal, self-initiated sites have experienced much success or longevity, the most successful being my high school xanga page, which is as frivolous and embarrassing as it is antiquated.

Nonetheless, I find it important and fun to regularly write – not to mention therapeutic, but there have been issues with sustaining such regularity. I’ve entertained the idea of launching a blog to catalog the books I read, the films I watch and the music I listen to for quite some time, but I always doubted that I possessed the clout, influence and taste of say a Ryan Schreiber or the ever-mysterious Carles. However, my  pool of Twitter, Tumblr and even Spotify followers continues to steadily grow, erecting a hypothetical little red flag in my brain – could I be on to something? Do I actually exhibit some semblance of influence on my digital peers, both actual and anonymous? Or at the very least, would my army of followers (albeit small) find anything I write worth reading? And would they return and become fanatic loyalists?

I suppose Google Analytics holds the answer to that question, which is fairly easy to navigate and customize.

I’m not positive where the direction of this project will head as it is (quite obviously) still in its infancy. Will I report on my career? Charming animals that I see? Or my painfully non-existent love life?

Unfortunately, Google Analytics does not hold the answer to those postulations. But trial and error has proven to be an operative determinant in all areas of life, oftentimes in my career and definitely in the aforementioned imaginary love life. I’m not knocking the idea until I try it because some wise savant coined that adage and his teachings do yield some substance.

I guess you can consider this as an introduction to my blog – a friendly welcome letter if you will. I hope I commit to updating this so it avoids the sad demise of its predecessors. More importantly, I hope you enjoy my musings and I hope you return.