He’s Finally Famous (and rollin’ w/the muthafuckin’ top down)

Photo by Emo's Lounge

I’ve come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t own a pet or raise children at this point in my life. If I did assume such responsibilities, I’d be rightfully accused of negligence since I’ve let this blog gather dust for almost a month. It’s a sad thing.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to write diligently and often in this blog because I think it will be good practice and therapeutic in a way. Ergo, hopefully there will be an upswing in my writing activity for the remainder of the year.

On with the review:

This past weekend, I went to the Big Sean show at Emo’s. Rap shows can be hit or miss. I tend to enjoy almost every one I attend, but I’m never quite sure what to expect. In my limited experience, hip hop shows are oftentimes held in obscenely large arenas filled with light shows and scantily-clad back-up dancers, which is not an entirely bad thing. On the other hand, some rap concerts are held in manageable, moderately-sized venues with affordable, standing room only tickets, fostering an environment in which it is:

1. easier to see
2. easier to dance your a$$ (a$$ a$$ a$$) off

If you haven’t caught on to my contextual clues, Big Sean’s show at Emo’s was a rap show of the latter variety and my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

For someone so slim of stature and young in age, Big Sean definitely exhibited a swagger well beyond his 23 years. Sporting his signature snapback, Big Sean’s flows were extremely fast, fluid and fun.

A huge benefit from these smaller, more intimate shows is the energy in the crowd, which was highly engaged and absolutely electric. Understandably, a verbatim crowd sing-a-long occurred during Dance A$$ regardless if you were a white girl, black girl, tall girl, short girl, small girl or a skinny girl. Or a guy meeting any of those descriptive criteria for that matter.

B-B-B-Big Sean receives two enthusiastic thumbs up from me for delivering a dope concert for us G.O.O.D. Music fans. By the end of the night, I was sloppy drunk and made out with an acquaintance I went to high school with – meaning I went stupid. And based on his lyrics, I bet you a bill from his Bible-sized wallet that Big Sean would consider that a success.


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