Wintry Mix!

I first discovered the term “Wintry Mix” during my sophomore year of college when it appeared on my weather bug widget. Somehow, meteorologists created a delightful sounding euphemism for an otherwise miserable weather pattern involving snow, rain and biting winds.

The term stuck and now serves as the delightful pun-inspired name for my holiday playlist on Spotify!

I took some liberties while creating this playlist. What originally started as a Christmas-centric compilation of songs slowly evolved into a mixture of holiday tunes covered creatively by some talented artists (Julian Casablancas’ “Christmas Treat”, “Carol Of The Bells by the bird and the bee) and far-fetched associations to holidays and the winter season (“Snow Days” by Real Estate and “One Big Holiday” by My Morning Jacket).

I will admit that this playlist is flawed since my selections were limited to Spotify’s offerings. In a perfect world, Death Cab’s “Baby, Please Come Home” and “Blue Christmas” by Bright Eyes would have been included. I actually think the She & Him Christmas record is a tad dull and consider Zooey’s Elf soundtrack rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” better than her version with M. Ward. There are also way too many Beach Boys Christmas classics to choose from, so none were included. But any time you pair poppy Christmas carols with the Beach Boys’ full-bodied harmonies, you get a winning combination.

"I am just a snowman, and I'm looking for a snowgirl." - R. Kelly

I will say my favorite part of creating this playlist was discovering Dipset’s Christmas album. I had no knowledge of its existence until this morning and man, am I glad there is a real song called “Ballin’ On Xmas.” Lastly, but surely not least, I’ve been dying for the appropriate occasion to break out R. Kelly’s “A Love Letter Christmas” remix!?!? He is just a snowman, and he’s looking for a snowgirl. Deep lyrics, I tell you.

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  1. “A Very She & Him Christmas” is one of my favorite albums this season. I especially love the simplicity and warmth of their version of “The Christmas Waltz.”

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