Tracks on Tracks on Tracks

Choosing my favorite tracks of 2011 was easier than I thought. I racked my brain over which albums deserved to grace my top 10 list, but somehow, choosing songs was easier. Groundbreaking songs just stick to you. After one or two listens, they have you hooked and you can listen to them on repeat without getting burned out. My top five is pretty diverse, spanning a variety of musical genres, but that “sticky” quality applies to each one of them.

I first discovered Civilization after watching this badass teaser ad for Adidas. The real video and full song exists somewhere in the Youtube galaxy, but I wanted to share the Adidas ad because this was my first taste of the new Justice record, which I happen to love. This song is epic. Indicative of many Justice songs, Civilization just hits so hard. This song reminds me of an anthem of a civilization comparable to the Spartans in 300. I mean, a million drums? That’s a lot of drums. Slipknot has 3 drummers, but in Civilization, Justice incites the participation of a million drummers in unison. That’s some powerful shit.

1. Civilization, Justice

2. Midnight City, M83 – That catchy, honking beat is a force to be reckoned with. Lest we forget, there’s a badass sax solo in there too.

3. Video Games, Lana Del Rey – This gorgeous, dreamy song is singlehandedly responsible for Lana Del Rey’s name peppering headlines on every indie music blog and music media site in 2011. Her new album is one of the most anticipated releases of 2012 and I can’t wait to hear what else she has up those flouncy sleeves. Lana’s voice has so much depth – it’s delicate, yet convicted and I dare you not to like it.

4. Dance A$$, Big Sean – This song doesn’t require much explanation. The contents are explicit, the flows are fluid. It deserves a crown, bitch, right on that…

5. Whirring, The Joy Formidable – This is such a great rock song. I never even heard of The Joy Formidable until Mark Hoppus tweeted that Whirring was his favorite song a few months ago. Prompted by this, I gave it a listen and was instantly hooked. It’s very cacophonous and melodic at the same time. Quite incredible considering The Joy Formidable (like Blink 182) is only a 3-piece band. Plus, the adorable little Welch front woman, Ritzy Bryan does have a sweet, sing-song voice, but man, can she shred.

Note-worthy runner-ups:

  • How Deep Is Your Love, The Rapture
  • Amor Fati, Washed Out
  • Lonely Boy, The Black Keys

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