Green with envy

Anthony Green - Waterloo Records, Austin, TX

Yesterday, I stopped by Waterloo Records after work to watch a short acoustic set by one of my favorite vocalists, Anthony Green. I’ve been a fan for quite some time; I was first introduced to his unique voice during his short-lived career as lead singer for Saosin and I’ve been following Circa Survive and his solo side projects ever since.

In addition to having a remarkable voice, Green doubles as a talented and creative lyricist. I’ve always thought that Circa Survive stood out from the other bands plastering the pages of Alternative Press for having more depth to their sound and meaning in their lyrics, but what I love about Green’s solo career is how raw the music is. The tracks are stripped down in the most literal way and Green’s lyrics are poignant, honest and personal.

Green’s latest solo record, Beautiful Things, dropped a few weeks ago and he was at Waterloo playing a few songs for a crowd dominated by starry-eyed teens. In fact, there was virtually no line for the free keg of Shiner Waterloo notoriously provides during these short acoustic sessions.

Anthony Green - Waterloo Records, Austin, TX

I’ve never seen Green perform solo and I’m so glad I got a chance to. He put on a really intimate show for his adoring fans and my heart melted when he sang James’ Song, which is dedicated to his baby son. Green ended the set by more or less leading a kumbaya-style sing-a-long during fan favorite, Dear Child. Then all the high school kids, many with backpacks still in tow, proceeded to line up for the meet and greet.

I decided to stand back and admire from a far while browsing the racks of my favorite record store sipping the free beer I was legally old enough to drink.


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