Five Faves: Sensory Overload

As I mentioned last week, this Friday Top 5 – Weekly Wrap-up – Five Faves idea is still very much a work in progress. I’m not sure what alliteration-riddled play on words I’ll stick with for this ongoing feature, but I’d imagine allowing the idea to develop organically would eventually result in something satisfactory.

I wanted to take a stab at associating some of my favorite things from this week with the five senses to demonstrate variety and well-rounded taste. (Long story short, I felt the need to photograph the deliciously colorful donut I had for breakfast this morning)

TASTE: Shipley’s Sprinkle Donut
It was as delicious as it looks.

Sprinkle Donut

FEEL – Texas Stars Hockey Game
I went to my very first hockey game last weekend. Despite the mildly uncomfortable temperature in the arena (hence, the sense of touch), I had a blast. These guys are a tier below the NHL and tickets were only 10 bucks. $2 beers, 8 total goals, an overtime shoot-out tiebreaker and a triumphant Stars win topped off the evening.

Texas Stars Hockey Game

SMELL: Misprint Magazine’s 6th Annual Beard and Mustache Competition
I suppose correlating this party with the sense of smell is a stretch, but when I think of noses, I think of mustaches and beards. I’m not insinuating that facial hair smells, especially because these competitors lather, wax and use top-of-the line grooming products to tame their facial hair. I consider beards and staches more as accessories that accentuate the nose and I can’t wait to celebrate all things whiskers with some whiskey this weekend. If you’re in the Austin area, grab a ticket and head to the Mohawk this Saturday!

6th Annual Beard and Mustache Competition

SIGHT: CAN U FEEL IT – Ultra Music Fest Trailer
I’ve been to quite a few electronic music concerts; I went to 3 EDM festivals in 2011 alone. However, I’ve never braved an Ultra Music Fest in Miami, which is the mothership of all electronic dance music. This trailer looks like a ridiculous mess of lasers, neon bikinis and stimulants. Maybe I’ll make it to Miami one of these days, but for now, I’m just hoping they’ll show this movie in Austin.

SOUND: Reign of Terror by Sleigh Bells
I was almost scared to listen to this album; I wanted so badly for it to live up to the expectations of being Sleigh Bells’ sophomore album, which is a mighty feat considering Treats was a fucking incredible first effort. Before Treats, I had never heard anything like Sleigh Bells – heavy guitars and tons of distortion paired with Alexis Krauss’ feminine, but badass vocals. Not easy to combine those two opposing components and create good music.

Sleigh Bells

I wasn’t too fond of the first single “Born to Lose,” but I’m so glad the rest of the Reign of Terror record didn’t disappoint. I dig their second single “Comeback Kid” and their track “Crush” is probably my favorite. Plus it’s a perfect way to welcome the weekend – if you live in mild climates, listen to this while driving with the windows down and the wind whipping through your hair because that’s what I’m about to do – HAPPY FRIDAY!

Sleigh Bells – Crush


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