Five Friday Fotos

Contrary to popular belief, Texas weather does not consist of clear skies, sunshine and unicorns year-round. It’s actually incredibly unpredictable, which kind of sucks. But I won’t complain because we get gorgeous weather more often than many less fortunate states in the U.S. – looking at you Minnesota.

This week has actually been pretty drab – lots of drizzle and mugginess, which made the traffic worse and the workweek more monotonous than it already is. But clouds supposedly have silver linings and there were a few bright, colorful moments worth documenting via camera phone. Happy Friday!

  1. Granny’s Pie doughnut with strawberries from Gourdough’s
  2. Vietnamese vermicelli bowl from Elizabeth Street Cafe
  3. My roommate paying for brunch; notice the variety of paper
  4. The Nocturnal Wonderland lineup was announced on Wednesday and I desperately want to go see Calvin Harris and Royksopp! Above photo was from last year’s festival.
  5. Fortunately, sad cloudy days almost always lead to the most magnificent sunsets.

Phoenix: Love Like a Sunset Part III

Have a good weekend, kids.


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