Radiohead Recap

Radiohead at Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX - March 2012

If I was forced to decide, Radiohead would probably be my favorite band of all time. I don’t listen to them nearly as often as I used to because I was kind of disappointed by King of Limbs. But overall, their music is rich, complex and some of the most creative stuff I’ve ever listened to.

I have only seen Radiohead once in my life and I will always look back fondly on that summer of 2008. That set consisted almost entirely of songs from In Rainbows, OK Computer and Kid A, which are (in my opinion) the band’s strongest work. I’d argue that that was the best live music performance I have ever been to and knew it would be near impossible to top.

Last night’s performance at the Frank Erwin Center gave my nostalgic memories a run for their money. Though the set list was dominated by new songs, Radiohead’s delivery of such tracks was outstanding. Introverted individual that he is, Thom Yorke surprised us all with his talent (spanning piano, guitar, microphones and maracas), showmanship, humor and eccentric dance moves. He also led his band, complete with two drummers, through an amazing 2-hour set.

With enough electricity to power a small country, the lights and special effects created an ambiance that rivaled a lot of the electronic/dubstep shows that are gaining ground. Hardhitting Kid A tracks, “The National Anthem” and “Idioteque” were juxtaposed by gorgeous hits from In Rainbows, “Reckoner” and “Nude” hypnotizing the thousands of people populating the college basketball arena with their beautiful melodies.

The band also included “These Are My Twisted Words” and “Everything In Its Right Place” in their first encore, which was enthusiastically well-received from the sea of adoring fans.

A haunting (and punny) acoustic version of “Give Up The Ghost” kicked off encore number 2. Lighters and illuminated cellphones abounded while Yorke’s clear and beautiful voice resonated through the stadium. “Paranoid Android” capped off the night with such energy and electricity that  transported us all back to 1997 when we discovered that Radiohead might be the greatest rock band of all time.

Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place


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