South By So Far

I’m pleased to announced that I survived the first weekend of SXSW; the music festival has yet to commence and I’ve already gotten my fill of free live music, free tshirts, free tacos and most importantly, free booze – and it’s only Tuesday! Despite the rain, I had an extremely productive and talent-filled Saturday.

Here are some highlights:

Third Eye Blind - ACL Live at the Moody Theater, March 10

Third Eye Blind at SXSW

I kicked off the weekend with a heavy dose of 90’s alternative nostalgia on Saturday. Third Eye Blind was one of those gateway drug bands that introduced me to an alt-rock universe as a 4th grader. Seeing them live for the first time over a decade later was both nostalgic and surreal, especially now that I know the implications of crystal meth and the “taking sips up into your nose” lyrics.

The band was spontaneous and funny – they even incorporated Calvin Harris’ moody “Feel So Close” and Nelly’s “Must Be The Money” into some of their top singles from their self-titled debut. The band introduced us to two new songs we should expect in the near future and Stephan Jenkins performed barefoot the entire time – at first I found that odd, but figured it was probably typical of 90’s bands. Think about it, Spin Doctors and Everclear? Probably didn’t wear shoes either. 3b ended with gorgeous acoustic ballad, Motorcycle Drive-By and karaoke anthem, Semi-Charmed Kind of Life. Obvious classics to top off a lifetime achievement of mine.

AraabMUZIK at party - ND 501, March 10

Flying Lotus at Party, ND 501 Studios - March 10

Saturday night, I was granted VIP access into the tiny ND 501 Studios featuring AraabMUZIK and Flying Lotus. AraabMUZIK’s lightening fast drum beats shook the entire building. With the nimblest fingers I’ve ever seen, AraabMUZIK produced the most impressive electronic dubstep performance I’ve witnessed all year. Masterfully navigating his machinery like a classical pianist, AraabMUZIK raised the standard for DJs and producers with heavy bass and sharp staccatos. Flying Lotus almost blew the roof off the dark, cramped space. Excuse the blurry photos, dark venues are not conducive to good camera phone results.

Slaughterhouse – Hammerdance by AraabMUZIK

Streetz Tonight by AraabMUZIK


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