Friday Five: Hunger Games Edition

I’ve been waiting for the premiere of The Hunger Games film for quite a while. If you want to keep today’s youth away from drugs, give them The Hunger Games trilogy and they’ll stay off the streets. I consumed all three books in a matter of days – as if they were crack rocks – and have been a  fan of the franchise ever since.

I dressed as Katniss for Halloween last year, but it was a somewhat failed costume attempt considering I was a grown adult surrounded by other grown adults. Additionally, Katniss wears painfully generic clothes so the homemade Mockingjay pin I fashioned out of a hoop earring and what appears to be a parrot only caught the attention of a handful of people. The majority of spectators just asked why I was carrying a bow and arrow around at the bar (which, might I add, made holding drinks and texting incredibly inconvenient).

I decided to wear the subtle accessory to the midnight showing of the movie, opting not to braid my hair as that would appear obvious and a little sad. But upon arrival two hours before curtain, I was ironically disappointed that I wasn’t more dressed up. Austin is already an eccentric city and The Alamo Drafthouse is notorious for its unique events and alternative personality; add the impressive young Hunger Games fanbase and you get quite the variety of Katniss and Peeta interpretations as a result. Even a Trackerjacker!

Alamo Drafthouse also featured this clever menu of Hunger Games-themed fare you could eat – I naturally tried the lamb stew and it was excellent.

Before the movie, an Effie Trinket doppelganger conducted a good ole’ fashioned reaping wishing us ever favorable odds.

These too unlucky tributes were chosen to duke it out with Nerf bows and arrows. That’s Haymitch giving them wise instruction whilst chugging a PBR Tallboy.

I won’t divulge anything about the film because I personally hate spoilers and don’t want to impose any expectations or opinions on you. I just wanted to share one of the most enjoyable cinematic experiences I’ve had in a while. If you live in or around Austin, I highly recommend watching the film at one of the Drafthouses so you too can experience the anti-establishment culture of District 12. Compare AMCs or United Artists the Capitol if you will.

And alas, what would this blog post be without a Hunger Games meme? Happy Pink Friday from Effie Minaj!

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