Dirty Little Secrets

I first discovered PostSecret in 2005 when The All-American Rejects featured a multitude of the postcards from the project in their Dirty Little Secret music video. If you’ve ever browsed through the blog or flipped through the pages of one of Frank Warren’s published books, you’re likely familiar with how powerful, captivating and honest these works of art can be.

We frequently hear critiques about inserting emotions and feelings into the art we create – whether it’s writing a meaningful song lyric or merely singing a song lyric with meaning and passion. I think that’s the secret sauce to PostSecret’s success and popularity – every little 4 x 6 postcard, no matter how simple, is so painfully genuine and honest.

I’ve always considered Warren’s concept wonderful because the process of sharing information that you don’t want anyone to know is so relieving and cathartic. Reading through these post cards often brings me joy – oftentimes because the feel-good, funny secrets make me laugh, but mostly because the people sharing the darker, sadder secrets might have achieved a sense of release by telling someone what was bothering them.

I’ve never submitted a secret to the site, but I’ve entertained the idea from time to time. I honestly can’t think of a secret good enough to share, but when or if I do, I hope you enjoy reading it, learning something personal about me and being a part of this intangible, but universal sense of caring and goodness. I know I certainly loved reading your secrets over the years and hope you keep sharing them.


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