Some Summer Reading, Some Summer Movies and Some Summer Music

Ladies and gentlemen, summer is finally in full swing and I’m vigilantly taking advantage of the sunny weather, blockbuster films and beers by the pool – all excellent signifiers of quite possibly, my favorite season.

The past month or so has been a whirlwind, so this week, it seemed appropriate to categorize some recent activities and life updates into little digestible buckets.

  • Books – I’ve made an executive decision to exclusively read Classic literature this month rather than the easy, lazy prototypical beach reads. I reasoned that if I spent my summer delving into Fifty Shades of Gray, the rabbit hole of poorly written, yet fun and salacious material would never end and I would never achieve my long-term goal of reading (or re-reading) novels that I should have read (or paid more attention to) in high school. I started with The Great Gatsby since I love F. Scott Fitzgerald and was inspired by the lavish trailer for the upcoming film. I adore the jazz age – the luxury, the fashion, the chain-smoking – I can’t wait to see DiCaprio smolder and exhibit Gatsby’s immaculate swagger and interact with the adorable and appropriately cast Carey Mulligan to breathe life into one of my favorite works of fiction.
  • Movies – I can’t wait for summer blockbusters – Spiderman Reloaded, The Dark Knight, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – I can’t wait for the action and the soundtracks and loaded theaters. But I finally watched the long-awaited Moonrise Kingdom starring a slew of my favorite actors (Norton, Murray, Schwartzman). Wes Anderson never fails to amaze me with his understated humor, beautiful cinematography and clever scripts. The prepubescent main characters (Sam and Suzy) were also delightfully cute, funny and talented. Do yourself a favor and watch.
  • Music – I attended my first “Blues on the Green” of the year. For you non-Austinites, Blues on the Green is a free weekly summer concert series that takes place in Zilker Park, which is conveniently walking distance from my house. This week, Rhett Miller from the Old 97’s performed to a vast audience of adults, kids and dogs.

    The Twilight Zone photos were captured at the Feed Me concert at ND 501 Studios, a sweaty, intimate venue where the dubstep and electronic dance music subculture came alive. For a tiny venue, ND certainly didn’t skip on production.

I will conclude with the best text I received all week. One of my best buddies who lives in New Orleans is clearly having a successful Friday – I hope you all do too!

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