5 Photos of Swedish Super Star Robyn

When Robyn penned her hit “Dancing On My Own,” she clearly neglected the droves of fans who dance in energetic unison and adoration from start to finish of her concerts. Last night, I was surrounded by swarms of chipper, glittery girls and fabulously fun gay men at Robyn’s long-awaited performance at ACL Live.

I think you can derive more meaning from the lyrics when you watch Robyn dance and perform. The adorable pop star is so free-spirited and uninhibited when she sings – she happily skips and twirls across the stage – freeing the suppressed inner-child buried deep in all of us. Let’s admit, the way we sing in the shower and dance in the privacy of our own rooms are rare occasions when we can be unbridled and unrestrained adults devoid of worldly pressures and responsibilities.

At first glance, non Robyn fans think she’s kind of weird – her ridiculous outfits, her chili bowl haircut, her unusually clunky platform sneakers – her “Call Your Girlfriend” video (below) is an excellent case study demonstrating this. But isn’t that what we all think of Lady Gaga? She’s a role model for the misfits. A talented pop star who silently preaches individuality and fun through her music. I had a great time dancing with my peers and singing along to personal favorites “Call Your Girlfriend” and “Hang With Me.” Happy Friday, y’all!


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