A Week of Free Concerts, (Soft) Rockumentaries and Cover Songs

  • Last Friday, The Hood Internet blew in from Chicago and blew the roof off of their intimate, $6 show at Beauty Ballroom. These mash-up masterminds have been longtime favorites and SXSW veterans and I’m glad I finally got to see them spin in my own backyard. And in case you didn’t know, Chi don’t dance – All they do is juke, all they do is juke.
  • First episode of new HBO series The Newsroom was incredible. I wonder if the show hits close to home since working with media is the basis of my career, but I think the average viewer would still enjoy the clever dialogue, fast pace and subject matter of the show. High marks.
  • Thanks to Alamo Drafthouse and the Austin Film Festival, ATX was one of the lucky cities that hosted Fever Year, a beautiful documentary about Andrew Bird and a year of relentless touring. Andrew Bird has always been one of my favorite artists for his creativity and talent, but after watching Fever Year, I have a new found respect for his tireless work ethic and dedication to making music. I love how he performs with an orchestra of machines, mastering the art of looping pedals and pairing the live recorded loops with buttery violin and iconic whistling.
  • I’m super excited about this upcoming Fleetwood Mac Tribute album. MGMT, Best Coast and The New Pornographers are among the impressive list of contributing artists; a few tracks have been released, but my absolute favorite so far is this Lykke Li cover of Silver Springs, one of the most beautiful and painfully heartfelt songs ever written. I’ve loved this song for years and Lykke Li definitely did justice to the legendary Stevie Nicks – not an easy feat.
  • I braved the 107 degree heat to see Ben Kweller’s free performance at Blues on the Green. I’ve loved his music since high school so seeing him perform Wasted and Ready and Commerce,TX incited all sorts of pleasant nostalgia, but his recently released “Go Fly A Kite” has some pretty great songs on it as well.

Happy Friday, y’all. Have an awesome weekend.


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