Happy Halloween!

Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, but it’s definitely the most fun. Halloween is youthful, funny and creative and even when I don’t dress up or celebrate, I still enjoy seeing kids, animals and grown adults in costume – however cute, scary or offensive they may be. Fortunately, I did celebrate over the past few days and here’s a quick recap of my activity:

House parties
I miss a lot of things about college – I miss the freedom, I miss the meal plans, I miss having ample amounts of free time and I really, really miss house parties. House parties are a dying breed in my social life, presumably because a lot of my friends have moved to different cities or possibly because we’re gainfully employed young adults who can afford to go to bars rather than drink watered down kegs of Keystone Light via the iconic red Solo cup. Whatever the reason, I just don’t go to house parties very often – and I genuinely miss them. There’s a certain charm about house parties – the ridiculous drinking games, the playlists that can be changed on a whim, and of course, the watered down kegs of Keystone Light. I had the fortune of going to two this past weekend.

Whitman music video extras

Beer pong winners

On Friday, local band Whitman performed at an illustrious house party that doubled as a shoot for one of their upcoming music videos. Not only did I pound Miller High Lifes (Lives?) and play Tetris on Nintendo, I was a valuable music video extra! Can you spot me? Hint: I’m the tallest person in the room.

Mario, Luigi, Tim Lincecum

On Saturday, I rolled with a group of Super Mario characters to yet another house party. This party highly encouraged costumes, so obviously, I went for the cheap, comfortable and easy solution of being Tim Lincecum, relief pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. Comfortable and clever as my costume was, being Tim Lincecum was a little frustrating because most people confused me with your average Giants fan, which I am not. I am, however, an individual who strikingly resembles Tim Lincecum – hair and everything. Retrospectively, I understand their misunderstanding and most of my fellow partiers really dug my costume after they realized I wasn’t your average Giants fan and was, in fact, Tim Lincecum. I avoided future mix-ups by introducing myself as Tim Lincecum right off the bat and that really helped.

Found fellow pitcher, Brian Wilson

Halloween Traditions
On Sunday, I understandably took it easy considering my consecutive nights of house parties on Friday and Saturday. I lived on the couch watching football and cringing at Tony Romo’s remarkable consistency when it comes to throwing interceptions and disappointing his loyal fans. Sunday night, my friends and I decided to have a laidback, yet festive evening of carving pumpkins, brewing apple cider spiked with whiskey and watching AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

Radiohead pumpkin, Batman mouth, Brian Wilson again

I’ve never carved a pumpkin before. This is a racist statement, but I think it’s a white people activity. My parents would never condone the idea of buying pumpkins, making a mess in the living room and playing with knives for the sake of home decor. Though I was an apprehensive rookie pumpkin carver, I got surprisingly into my creation. My friends opted for Batman mouth and Brian Wilson (which provided a great opportunity to use the SF Giants hat that I’ll never wear again). My Radiohead pumpkin is far from perfect, but I’d say it’s pretty impressive for a first attempt.

I remember buying these tickets the day they went on sale about 6 months ago. I’ve been wanting to see Justice for years and they rarely tour in the States, so imagine the anticipation and excitement I felt yesterday leading up to the show. These guys were incredible, it was an hour and a half of booming beats and schizophrenic lights. They kicked off their set with hits, Civilization and D.A.N.C.E. they ended their second encore with a crowd surf that some would mistake for a zombie apocalypse. Wanting to celebrate the spirit of Halloween, but still wanting to wear a comfortable and breathable ensemble, I decided to accessorize as Rufio from Hook with red hair extensions, gobs of black eyeliner and feather earrings. Bangarang!

Justice – Austin Music Hall, Oct. 30


Rufio and the Lost Boys

Crowd surf/zombie apocalypse

Spooky Songs
I spent a good half an hour compiling this playlist of Halloween-themed music on Spotify. No, it doesn’t include the Monster Mash. Yes, it does include Monster by Kanye, Big Bad Wolf by A-Trak and Zombie by The Cranberries.

Happy Halloween, ya’ll. Have a fun, safe holiday!

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