His and Hers Holiday Gift Guide

A few weeks ago, I was watching some terrible Food Network Thanksgiving special that featured an interesting trivia factoid before commercial break: Did you know during the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt officially moved Thanksgiving to every fourth Thursday of November to grant consumers an extra week of Christmas shopping? It sounds capitalistic, but the extra week actually boosted revenue for a number of struggling businesses and took the economy out of the red and back into the black (hence, Black Friday).
In spite of the strain on my checking account, I love gift giving and happen to be really good at it (my repertoire of satisfied gift recipients could probably attest to this). Therefore, I decided to share my wealth of knowledge for those of you struggling for ideas this holiday, especially if you’re buying for members of the opposite sex. As a disclaimer: I realize I’m single and by no means an expert on the male species. However, I do know these are gifts my male friends would probably like and if I were a guy, I would probably want these things too. The girls’ list was much easier to compile – jewelry and Ryan Gosling are fool-proof keys to a woman’s heart.
For Him
For Him
1. Stormwalking iPhone case via Society 6
2. USB Robot Flash Drive via USBGeek
3. Izola “To My Health” flask via Stag
4. Whisker While You Work Mug via ModCloth – Though Movember is over, this coffee mug can remind all the clean-shaven men that facial hair is not only a statement, but also a respectable look.
5. The Grantland Quarterly collection – Don’t be alarmed. These thick hardbacks are not novels, but rather cool compilations of articles and graphics from the sports and pop-culture blog, Grantland. These would make great coffee table books that double as more durable and collectible magazines.
6. Original Ray-Ban Wayfarer in “Music” Rare Print
7. Metallic Lego iPod Speakers via Speakhype – A rad stocking stuffer, but I don’t believe they’re compatible with the iPhone 5’s yet. Sorry, bros.
For Her
1. The Cats of Friends Sweater via ModCloth
2. Love Bunnies ring holder via Urban Outfitters
3. OliveYewJewels Gold initial necklace via Etsy
4. Feminist Ryan Gosling by Danielle Henderson via Barnes and Noble and
5. Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling coloring book by Mel Simone Elliott via Urban Outfitters – Hey girl, Ryan Gosling will make your Christmas wishes come true.
6. “Man with the Golden Gun” nailpolish from OPI Skycall collection: In honor of the Skyfall movie, OPI released a series of James Bond themed nail polishes. The limited edition “Man with the Golden Gun” polish contains flecks of 18K gold leaf. Treat yo’self.
7. Donni Fly scarf in Tangerine via Donni Charm – Bitches love scarves. They’re versatile, inexpensive and trendy fall/winter staples. Its hard to go wrong with a scarf. Also, by buying her a scarf, you’re avoiding the potential disaster of buying her a garment that’s too big or too small. If it’s too big, she’ll be offended that you assumed she was bigger than her actual size. If it’s too small, chances are it will end in tears. Scarves are an easy one-size-fits-all all solution, so I’d recommend playing it safe.
  1. Adam said:

    Number 4, please.

    • akcomputer said:

      the mustache mug or the Ryan Gosling book? Be honest, I know you want both things.

      • Adam said:

        Open for interpretation but I purposefully left it vague …

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