Deck the Halls (tastefully)

I hope you’re all getting into the Christmas spirit – I certainly enjoy seeing festively decorated homes, receiving Christmas cards and buying gifts. Since it is the season of giving, I thought I’d generously share some of my favorite holiday ideas and finds.


DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar via Twig & Thistle

DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar
I love this idea for a clean, simple magnetic advent calendar. These tiny pots can conveniently adorn your fridge and you won’t have to fuss with nailing anything to your walls. Fill with candy or any other little knick-knacks, also easy to store and reuse for next year.

DIY Snow Globes via Martha Stewart

DIY Snow Globes
Snow globes are typically cheap and tacky, but these clean, minimalist ones are much cuter. Plus the different sizes and shapes of the jars adds height and dimension. If you want to be really creative, build a Lego landscape or use miniature action figurines. Who says snow globes have to be holiday themed? (Unoriginal people)

Ornament centerpieces via Budget Wise Home

Ornament Centerpieces
This is one of my favorite inexpensive Christmas decor ideas. The results are sleek and sophisticated and even the laziest and most creatively-challenged people could successfully pull off this project. I’d recommend only using round, spherical ornaments, so they stack nicely but I recommend experimenting with the texture, color and the shape of your glassware.


Printable Gift Wrap

Printable wrapping paper via

I love all of the iconic and poppy designs from Plus, these are printable designs so you will never run out (theoretically)! You can embellish with high contrast gift tags and ribbons or print on neon or colored paper. A lot of these designs could certainly be used for other gift-giving occasions as well.

Alternative wrapping paper

I’m guilty of buying new rolls of wrapping paper for every holiday, birthday, shower or gift-giving occasion and I’m ultimately left with a huge amount of excess that would ultimately take years to use up. I’m not going to stop buying wrapping paper, but I will be more strategic about the colors and designs I choose. Moving forward, I will probably opt for solids or universal prints like polka dots and stripes rather than paper with imagery associated with holidays or special occasions.

Map wrapping paper via Martha Stewart

I love the idea of using alternative materials for wrapping your gifts; not only is this sustainable, it’s creative and unique. With smartphones and the Internet, I doubt anyone uses antiquated maps or atlases anymore. If you want to be extra thoughtful, use a map of a meaningful location such as the honeymoon destination for a wedding couple or the hometown of one of your friends. Other alternative papers include pages from books, music or old calendars.

Trader Joe’s paper bag wrapping paper via Shannon Eileen

Brown paper package with twine and vintage photograph

Brown paper packages with doily label

Brown paper packaging with doily label via Robbie & Erin

Brown paper is also one of my favorite wrapping materials; whether you buy a roll or reuse one of your paper grocery bags (like the Trader Joe’s example above), brown paper looks simple and classic and you can use for any gift giving occasion. You also have a huge range of accessories to decorate with! You could stamp patterns, write or directly on the packages or dress up with ribbon or yarn.


I love receiving Christmas cards; it’s a friendly reminder that your relatives and peers are thinking about you during this busy time. I’m personally not a big fan of the Walgreen’s family photo glossy prints and opt for simplified and minimalist designs.

Tacky Christmas Sweater Letterpress Christmas Card via Etsy

Mistletoe Letterpress Christmas Card via Etsy

Mustache Christmas Card via Etsy


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