Last Christmas, Old Friends, New Beginnings

At this very moment in the time and space continuum, I’m sitting at my cubicle on this dreary Tuesday afternoon, patiently waiting for the minutes to tick by before I can go home, and I just came to the realization that Christmas is exactly two weeks away. Two damn weeks!

 I still have a lot of gifts to buy and errands to run, and to my supreme inconvenience, my roommate and I have to move out of our beloved apartment this weekend. Rather than spending our last weekend in the current place packing and cleaning like sane, practical people, we decided to host one last gathering with our closest friends to celebrate all of the memories and good times we’ve had while we’ve lived in our charming little abode. Our official theme was originally ‘We Are Never Ever Ever Wearing Sweaters,” guests were welcome to interpret how they wished, but highly encouraged to emulate Taylor Swift’s music video filled with animal bodysuits, pajamas and joy.
It was a good last hurrah, especially before the holidays. To my pleasant surprise, almost everyone dressed festively. Reminds me of how lucky I am to have such fun and free-spirited friends. On Sunday morning, I woke up to a record high of three air mattresses and six hungover guests in our living room. I’d consider that a success, wouldn’t you?

I’m definitely sad that we’re leaving our place, but unknown to some, my roommate and I have spent a good chunk of our past living as road warriors, relocating from state to state, hotel to hotel – we were technically homeless for a year. To top off a fantastic last weekend at our apartment, a frank old friend paid us a welcome visit – the ghost of Christmas past, if you will.


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