I’m Alison. I live in Austin, TX and I like music among many other things. Someone once asked me whether the content of a person’s character can be measured by her material possessions. I’d say that you can’t necessarily determine my outlook on life or my moral fiber based on what I own, but I do think a person’s possessions can say a lot about their lifestyle, their interests, their tastes and what they consider valuable.

I stumbled upon this fantastic portraiture project by Jason Travis on Flickr a while back. I think seeing what items people consider necessary enough to carry with them at all times is one of the cleverest ways of defining the complexities that are people in a single image. Therefore, I emptied my bag for you and the rest of the world to see. Character analysis and unfair assumptions are welcome – I’m an open book. Well, technically an open blog. But I hope you like what you see and more importantly, what you read.

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