photo via Tasting Buds

I’m no culinary connoisseur, but I do enjoy frequenting and exploring local restaurants around Austin. I’m fortunate enough to live in a creative city that celebrates art, live music and local food, so if you ever come to Austin, bring your appetite. There’s never a shortage of delicious new restaurants or food carts to patronize. One of the top questions I receive from visitors or newcomers to the city is “Where should we go eat?” It’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer since there are so many options and varieties to choose from. Therefore, I thought I’d catalog all of my memorable and noteworthy Austin dining experiences here.

For the record, I hate the term “foodie” and never want to be referred to as such. For the most part, I consider people who criticize and berate restaurants for anything other than abominably rude service or sanitary issues are snobby and judgmental. I never considered it fair or constructive to be overly critical of restaurants, especially if you’re not press. My philosophy on food is quite simple – If it tastes good and I enjoy my dining experience, I’ll return to that establishment. If the experience and service I received were not worth what paid, I won’t go back. All of the links below reflect positive dining experiences and are places I would recommend and return to. Of note, I rarely experience “fine dining” and prefer greasy spoon, hole-in-the-wall establishments any day, so without further ado here are some of my favorite Austin eateries:


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