If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them. Don’t sleep with people who don’t read!” – John Waters

Thought John Waters’ quote is not nearly as elegant or profound as the one by C.S. Lewis, it’s no less true. People who read are cultured, they demonstrate intelligence, and they have the respectable desire to gain knowledge or entertain themselves in the most simple, timeless way – written words on a page.  Books have the remarkable ability to captivate hours of your attention, teach you things and elicit emotions you didn’t know you had. I love reading. Everyone should love reading and I pity anyone who doesn’t. If you don’t read, you’re missing out on quite possibly the best past time.

Reading is fun. Reading is cheap. You can read whatever you want. You can read whenever you want. You can go at your own pace, and you can visit places you’ve never been and meet the most incredible characters. Reading makes you smarter, reading makes you a better person and reading makes you happy.

The only upsetting thing about books is the fact that I’ll never read everything I want to read in my lifetime. As the years go by, books keep getting published and my reading list, therefore grows ever longer, ever unattainable…

But that’s the beauty of it. Reading will never fail you. There’s always going to be something to read. Below you’ll see my analysis and opinions of some of my favorite novels. What are your favorite books?


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